Not Too Surprising: The Most Fun Summer Toys Are Also The Most Dangerous


The Short of It

Hospital ERs will treat about 2.7 million children this summer due to injuries caused by ... well ... toys.

The Lowdown

To help parents keep their kids safe over the next few months, consumer advocacy group World Against Toys Causing Harm (WATCH) has just come out with its list of the top 10 summer hazards for kids, in an effort to raise awareness of the children's products that can cause serious injury.

Topping this year's list are toy guns and other airborne items that have sharp edges, like darts and helicopters, that can cause potentially serious injuries to the face and eyes.

"Unfortunately, we see quite a few blunt trauma injuries from toy guns," pediatric emergency medicine expert Dr. Mark Waltzman told CBS News. "Especially to the eyes." >>Next


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